“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” ~ Oscar Wilde...

Hi!! This is Pearl and through my monologues, I’m going to take you on a fascinating journey and hope that you can experience and see the world through my eyes.

By profession, I work at an Edtech firm, however my passion for travel, nudges me regularly to take off on a trip. Hence, given an opportunity my husband and I, take off to explore new places. We are both avid riders as well (me being the pillion rider..:-)) and hence, impromptu trips are quite the norm. We’ve together travelled across many parts of India and then some overseas as well.

Through my writings, I will be sharing helpful information, tips, details about the places that I have visited. The aim is to help you as a reader get a detailed understanding about the place that you are going to travel to before hand itself, so that it helps you to plan your vacations much better. I will try to cover points suchs as best ways to reach your destinations, places to see and experience, activities to do, recommend restaurants/cuisines to sample and much more.

Look forward to you reading my travel blogs and also to you sharing your experiences with me. Would love to hear from you!

Travel Blogger | Pearl Singporewalla